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Waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and shockproof these cases take you through dirt, rain, sandstorms, can withstand mud, food, even fine construction dust. These cases are ultra-sleek, slim and have been designed to military specifications and tested to two metre drops. LifeProof have given their cases waterproof acoustic vents on all microphone and speakers with, ClearVoice clarity technology that ensures you are heard and the Sound Enhancement System allows you to get the most out of your music and movies.

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LifeProof Cases: The Down Low

Heard about these cases before? No? What's that? Well I'm sure you've heard of waterproof, shockproof, dustproof... LifeProof is all of these and more, and gives you fantastic protection for your smart device. Read on to find out a little bit more and just what exactly it is they can do for you.

What On Earth Is LifeProof?

Essentially, the answer to the device cover dilemma. What dilemma is that? You buy a phone or tablet and you want to give it the best protection possible. You want your device to be covered against spills, knocks, drops and scratches.

The Fre and Nuud case is the answer to the device cover dilemma. What dilemma is that? You buy a phone or tablet and you want to give it the best protection possible. You want your device to be covered against spills, knocks, drops and scratches.

Having been designed specifically with real living in mind. They offer a 'four proofs' cover system which guards against water, dirt, shock and snow.

The covers are waterproof up to a depth of two metres, making underwater photography a breeze. They keep dust, dirt and sand out of your device. They can be dropped, bumped and knocked about. They have no problem keeping out the snow.

Because they're so tough, they're the perfect solution for all your adventuring needs. You no longer have to worry about leaving your phone at home whether you're up the mountain on your skis, dirt biking down the bush track or downhill skating.

But what if I'm not an adventurer? Think of all the times you've knocked a glass of water over next to your phone, dropped it accidentally out of your bag, gotten food dropped on it... LifeProof guards against these common occurrences of everyday living. Protecting your device with a LifeProof case gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

What's Fre Vs. Nuud?

Fre and Nuud refer to the specific design of the LifeProof cases. Fre pronounced "Free" and Nuud pronounced "Nude".

The Fre cases give you a completely enclosed case. You have the cover itself and then a thin, clear covering for your touchscreen. The Fre cases give you ultimate screen protection against potential scratches.

The Nuud cases only partially enclose your device. The case seals up around the screen so you're left with the actual touchscreen not covered - the touchscreen literally is nude. If you prefer the feel of using your touchscreen without a cover, this is the way to go.

What's This About Ingress Protection?

LifeProof cases have this thing called an Ingress Protection rating of IP-68. But what exactly does a couple of letters and numbers thrown together mean? This Ingress Protection refers to how well the cases stand up against dust and water. The first digit, the 6, refers to how well the cases protect against dust. The rating system only goes from 0 to 6 so you're getting the best protection possible. The second digit, the 8, refers to water protection, and again this scale only goes from 0 to 8. This means you can use your device at a depth of up to 2 metres for up to 60 minutes.

And What About These Military Standards?

That's right, these cases are built to military standards. MIL STD 810F-516 to be precise. They're what's know in the military as mil specs and go into great detail in explaining a standard. MIL STD 810F-516 goes out to around 500 pages in fact.

MIL STD 810F-516 details just how shockproof the device is built to, and LifeProof cases meet or exceeds all of the points required in the standard.

What this means to you is that your device is protected from drops up to 6.6 feet - that's pretty darn shockproof.

What Devices Are They Made For?

Whilst LifeProof initially entered the arena with cases just for iPhones, they have now branched out. You can still get LifeProof cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 (and their variants), as well as iPad Minis, iPad Airs and the range of Samsung Galaxy phones. PC Magazine's Lifeproof Case Review

What Else Can They Do For Me?

Not only can you purchase your case, there is also an extensive range of all-terrain mounts for your device so you've got access to it while on the go and hands free.

Known as LifeActiv, these accessories include arm bands, belt clips, bike bar mounts, multi-purpose mounts, suction mounts and the quick mount adapter. These is a mount system for any and all occasions.

Lifeproof has added a waterproof and drop proof powerbank to their LifeActiv range. The LifeActiv Power Pack, with a 10,000-mAh power bank at its core, the LIFEACTÍV Power Pack keeps phones, tablets and other devices running strong. The poer pack's smart circuitry will auto-stop charge technology thus saving battery life for later. Its rapid recharge ability speeds up the time it takes to fill the Power Pack battery charger.

Lifeproof has also introduced Slam and Next cases. These cases are not waterproof and are designed for newer phone that come with water resistance from the manufacturer. These cases are impact and drop resistant with no in built screen covers.

Lifeproof Slam Cases

The Slam case has been designed to resist drops of up to 2 metres and has a slim, sleek profile. These cases are transparent to still protect and let your phone's factory finish show. Around the perimeter of the case is a pop of colour. The Slam's raised lip around the front of the phone helps to protect the screen from drops and the screenless front allows you to directly touch the device's screen. The case leaves the ports of the phone open for quick and easy access.

Lifeproof Next Cases

The Next case again does not provide water resistance but provides protection from drops, dust and snow. The slim transparent profile allows the phone's colours to shine through. The Next case has been designed to withstand drops of up to 2 metres. This case has covers for the phone's ports which porvide protection from dust and snow. Around the handset's speakers is dynamic micro-mesh blocks dust and debris while the audio is unimpeded. The Next case's shell has a raised lip to bolster drop and touchscreen protection.

Lifeproof Case Comparison

Case Type Slam Next Fre Nuud
Drop Proof: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dust & Snow Proof: No, Open Port covers Yes, has port covers Yes, has port covers Yes, has port covers
Waterproof: No No Yes Yes
Screen protector: No. Alpha Glass compatible No. Alpha Glass compatible Yes No. Alpha Glass For Nuud compatible
LifeActiv Comaptible: Yes Yes Yes Yes

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