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Vodafone Mobile Broadband Antennas

Vodafone 3G and 4G Compatible

Mobile broadband reception problems? Need to improve your mobile broadband connection? Get better mobile broadband reception, speed and coverage with one of our external antennas. The Vodafone network uses low band spectrum (850 and 900MHz) that is used to provide coverage over larger areas, such as in outer metropolitan and regional areas as well as to penetrate buildings in built-up urban areas and high band spectrum (1800 and 2100 MHz) is used to provide user capacity.

We have magnetic base antennas,building mount antenna kits and indoor antennas and desktop antennas as well as 4WD bullbar mount or broomstick antennas and aerials to improve your mobile reception.

We have a large range of 3G and 4G LTE external antennas and patch leads for Vodafone mobile broadband modems as well as having a full range of antennas and patch leads for Vodafone modems.

Below is a list of modems that we can provide antennas and patch leads for. Click on your modem to view a list of antennas and patch leads we have available for your mobile broadband modem. You will also need a patch lead to connect your modem to the antenna.

Mobile phone cradles and antennas.

Antennas And Patch Leads For Current Vodafone Modems

Antennas And Patch Leads For Previous Generation Vodafone Modems

You can check Vodafone coverage maps here

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